Monday, 13 February 2012

Comparing with Illuminate...

This afternoon, we had a look on Illuminate's blog.  They have been doing statistics just like us.  They decided to copy us and use their lunchboxes in an investigation.  They had a different idea than us.  They sorted their lunchboxes by colour.  We decided to do the same.

We noticed that...
* they have lots more lunchboxes than us.  They have 22, we have 11.
* pink is our most popular colour...just like illuminate.
* we have 1 brown lunchbox, but illuminate don't have any.
* we have 1 green lunchbox and illuminate have 1 green lunchbox too.

Illuminate...what else do you notice about our investigations?

1 comment:

  1. We noticed that you only had 6 different colours and we had 9 colours. We probably had more colours because we have more people in our class!
    We think you did EXCELLENT noticing!