Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sort, Count, Notice (Statistics!)

We have been making graphs with Carolyn on Thursdays.
We SORT things into groups.
We COUNT the groups.
We NOTICE things about the groups.

Today we looked at our lunch boxes.
We sorted them into the girls lunchboxes and the boys lunchboxes. 
We sorted them into groups because of how they looked. 
We sorted them into groups because of how they do up.

We noticed that there was only one pirate lunch box and one All Blacks lunchbox. 
All the rest had two in their piles.

We noticed that six lunchboxes clipped up and four lunch boxes zipped up.
Here is the graph we made on paper that matches the photo we took:

Do you have ideas for next week's graph? We would love to hear them. 
You post your ideas and we might make a graph about one of them...


  1. We might make a graph like you did about how our lunch boxes do up.

  2. I love hearing about what you are learning with Carolyn. You are all very good at sorting, counting and noticing. Maybe you could find out about the fruit in your lunchboxes...what do people have for brainfood? Or, you could look at the different types of shoes people have on today. Elly