Monday, 26 March 2012

Poem of the Week

Here is Aria's poem - it is the poem of the week!  She has done such a great job of illustrating the poem.  What do you especially like about Aria's poem?  You could leave a comment to tell us.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sports with Sha

Quentin said that today we learnt to push the ball from our chest.  Kate said that our hands looked like a w when we held the ball.  Edward said we needed to stretch our legs (one needed to be in front of the other).   Edward said this was hard, but then he tried harder.  Emma said that her and Eva kept missing the ball.  We got better by watching the ball.  Logan said that he got better by watching other people.  Mayson said we learnt to catch.  Halle said you reach out and grab the ball and bring it to your chest.  Hannah said we learnt some new stretches.  Anika said we reached up high to stretch.

Monday, 19 March 2012

An elephant for a pet!

Today we read a story about a man who worked at a pet shop.  He was trying to sell an elephant for a pet.  We thought that was funny!  Here are our ideas about why it would be good or bad to have an elephant for a pet.  (You can click on the table to make it bigger!)  Do you have anymore ideas?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sports with Sha

We had a session with Sha today. It was so fun! It was the first time that we used the balls. Lucky they were soft so we didn't get hurt. Here are some of the things we did/learnt today. Quentin said that we played with the balls. Kate said we rolled the ball down our backs and it fell on the ground. Mayson said we rolled the balls. I rolled it to Logan. Jamie said we bounced it sort of like a basketball. Anika said we rolled it around our bodies. Halle and Eva said we made a tunnel with legs and rolled the ball down it.

Friday, 9 March 2012

R for Rainbow

This week we have been learning about the letter r. We know what it is, what sound it makes and lots of things that start with r. We also know how to write it correctly (short stick, half a tunnel). Today we made 3D rainbows with our buddies. Check out our finished products...
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Our Buddies

We just love our buddies!  Every friday, we get together to do something together.  Here we are with our buddies.

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Did you see what I saw?

Did you see what I saw?

Check out these cool kids who were in the Tribune last night.

Our R Ideas

Here are the things we thought of when we had a brainstorm about the letter r. What other words can you think of?

Chase's Reading

Anika's Reading

Monday, 5 March 2012

Letter of the Week

Do you know what letter this is?  Do you know what sound it makes?
Do you know anything that starts with this letter? You could leave a comment with your ideas!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Buddy Reading

We are with our buddies reading stories. We also looked at our blogs to put comments on. We had a great time. Buddy Reading on PhotoPeach

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Visiting Willard Home

Today we went to read to the residents at Willard Home. We loved it! We loved reading to the people, the grannies and the grandpas. We read to Hazel and Gwen. Sometimes they come to our class to hear us read, today we went to see them where they live. We liked singing to them.

Visiting Willard Home on PhotoPeach

Our First Board Report

Dear Graeme, Kevin, Leanne, Dan, Andrew, Ebony, Tina and David,

We are the Monster Minds and when we are at school we live in Room 4.  Here is a picture of us so you know what we look like.

4 of us started school late last year,  4 of us started school on the first day of this year and 5 of us have started since then.  We are still waiting for 6 more children to complete our class.  They will start before the end of the term.  

We LOVE learning in our class and have already learnt HEAPS since we started.  Yesterday, Kate said, "Yay!!  Elly, I just LOVE reading time.  I learn so much at reading."  How cool is that!

Here is our favourite piece of learning so far...

Kate - I am learning to read the words and to swim a lot.  I can put my flutterboard behind my head and kick my feet.  I like reading because I when I was 4 I didn't know how to read, but now I can now that I'm 5.  
Mayson - We blew bubbles inside.  The couch got all wet from the bubbles!
Logan - I can write "I am in a bubble."  I looked on the card to help me.  
Kreashyn - I am learning to write.  I like making lots of lists of words.  
Quentin - I am learning to read.  I am getting better every day - so I can read more books.  
Jayden - I have learnt to be a big school boy.
Jamie - I have sort-of learnt to read (I can only read some books).  I look at the picture to help me.  
Halle - I have learnt to do writing.  The word card helps me and I stretch the tricky words out.  
Anika - I was a bit scared of the playground, but now its getting better.  It's better because I'm older now and the other kids help me.  
Eva - I know lots of words now.  It helps with my reading and writing.
Edward - I can do lots of things on the ipads.  It helps me with my learning.  Park Maths helps me to get better at my numbers.  I love numbers! 
Chase - I am learning the letters in my name.  I have them on my hand to help.

What a fabulous group of children!

From Elly, Carolyn and The Monster Minds