Monday, 2 April 2012


We LOVE writing!  It is so much fun to share our stories and ideas with other people.  Here is what we are trying to get better at in writing at the moment.

Edward said, "We write the words that we know - they are our fast words."
Emma said, "At writing time, I think really hard.  My ideas get better and better each day."
Kate said, "I am learning how to do great writing.  I am trying to sound out the tricky words.  Sometimes I get them right and sometimes I get them wrong, but it doesn't matter."
Hannah said, "When I write, I write heaps of things.  I know some of the words because I have learnt them at my house."
Halle said, "You can use the word card to help.  You can listen for the sounds."
Logan said, "At writing time, I write good stories because I think about them before I go to bed."
Anika said, "In the morning, I think about what my writing will be.  That's how I write interesting stories."
Mayson said, "At writing, I always write the words."


  1. Hello MonsterMinds, I sometimes have lots of ideas in my mind when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. I keep a pencil and pad on my bedside table and can then scribble those ideas down. Then my brain can rest so I go back to sleep. Zzzz Zzzz. Writing is fun so keep up the good work! Kevin (BoT)

  2. You have some great strategies for writing stories, Monsterminds. You are thinking hard about how to write interesting stories for your audience. I look forward to reading your stories over the next few weeks.