Friday, 11 May 2012

Balancing with Susie and the Cat in the Hat

Today we read The Cat in the Hat, by Dr Seuss.
The naughty cat balances lots of things on his body and he balances on a ball.
WE decided to try balancing, too. Susie had lots of things for us to try to balance.
Would you like to see what we did? It's a Balancing Act! on PhotoPeach

Here are some of our ideas about all the balancing we did:

Anika- We tried balancing books on our heads so they wouldn't fall off
Halle- We balanced spoons on our hands, using one finger or two and Carolyn helped us
Quentin- With the blocks I made a big big tall tower, and then I pushed it down
Chase- I put one penguin on top of another
Eva- The tower kept falling down when it got heavier
Quentin- I didn't put the ball on the bottom because then it would fall down
Hannah- I stacked the blocks up.
Emma- Balancing the ball on the cone was hardest
Fyfe- The blocks were hard for me but I made another one and it didn't fall down
Aria and Kreashyn- The penguins were hard to balance because they kept falling down. We put the big one on the bottom.
Troy- The blocks fell down when I stacked then straight up but I made a strong castle.

We had to do it carefully and not be messy.

Great thinking, Monster Minds!


  1. Maybe we could try that. James suggested we could try some balancing at Discovery Time.

  2. I love balancing! We have a Dr Seuss game where you pick up 3 cards at a time: 1. You have to balance a ball... 2. Under your chin... 3. While bunny hopping around the trick-o-rama. It's a cool game - maybe you could try make your own 1,2,3 cards?