Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Hissing Bush

We have been talking about what it means to predict.  We know that predicting means having a really good guess.  Our big book this week is called "The Hissing Bush."  Before we read the book, we talked about what we know.  We know that bushes don't hiss!  So we knew that there must be something in it or behind it.  We had to predict why it was hissing.

Some of our good guesses were...
* a cat
* a snake
* the wind
* a goose

Elly thought it might be an elephant!  That wasn't a good guess because an elephant couldn't fit in the bush and elephants don't hiss!

We had to draw what we thought it might be.  Have a look at our pictures to see what our prediction was...

The Hissing Bush on PhotoPeach

Monday, 20 August 2012

Our School...

We think RSS is a great place to be! We want 4 year olds to be happy about coming to school. We don't want them to be frightened or scared. We are going to make a movie to show 4 year olds how cool school is.

We like school because...

 * We learn how to read.
 * We have a great playground.
 * We learn how to write.
 * We have singing with Nic in the hall.
 * there are nice teachers.
 * We have buddies who help us with our learning.
 * We get to do Calendar Maths.  It is like they are the teacher, but they are actually kids!
 * We have Sports with Sha.  She is really fun!
 * We learn to do puzzles.
 * We play with our friends.
 * We do word power.  This helps us to get better at rhyming words.
 * We have a cool library. We get to take the books home!
 * We learn how to do great maths!
 * We like doing poems.
 * We like doing alphabet books.  It helps us to get better at the names and sounds of the alphabet.
 * We can share other clases learning by looking on their blogs.
 * We practise our handwriting.
 * We learn music with Jen.  Jen is famous.  She is in a magazine!
 * We do rhyming words and Silly Sentences to help with our writing.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Grumpy Bear

Oh dear! Grumpy Bear doesn't look very happy Quentin. Who is that chasing him?

Team Work

After the Olympics and our Olympic Day at Arena Manawatu we are exploring what it means to be a good team.

Yesterday Jamie, Kate, Eva and Halle did 2 role plays to show different types of team work.  The first game we saw them play was terrible!  They were fighting and arguing the whole time!  (BUT they were just pretending!)

Here is what we saw, heard and thought they might be feeling...

The second role play was MUCH better! Jamie, Eva and Halle worked well together as a team. Here is what we saw, heard and thought they might be feeling...

SO - what have we learnt about team work?

What makes a good team...have a look here to find out...

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Grumpy Bear

Check out Halle's response to our big book this week. Here is Grumpy Bear being chased by bees. Watch out Grumpy Bear!