Monday, 20 August 2012

Our School...

We think RSS is a great place to be! We want 4 year olds to be happy about coming to school. We don't want them to be frightened or scared. We are going to make a movie to show 4 year olds how cool school is.

We like school because...

 * We learn how to read.
 * We have a great playground.
 * We learn how to write.
 * We have singing with Nic in the hall.
 * there are nice teachers.
 * We have buddies who help us with our learning.
 * We get to do Calendar Maths.  It is like they are the teacher, but they are actually kids!
 * We have Sports with Sha.  She is really fun!
 * We learn to do puzzles.
 * We play with our friends.
 * We do word power.  This helps us to get better at rhyming words.
 * We have a cool library. We get to take the books home!
 * We learn how to do great maths!
 * We like doing poems.
 * We like doing alphabet books.  It helps us to get better at the names and sounds of the alphabet.
 * We can share other clases learning by looking on their blogs.
 * We practise our handwriting.
 * We learn music with Jen.  Jen is famous.  She is in a magazine!
 * We do rhyming words and Silly Sentences to help with our writing.


  1. I was amazed at all of your splendid ideas Monster Minds. If I was a four year old I would feel so excited about coming to Russell Street School. As a teacher, it also makes me feel very proud. Ka pai!

  2. Wow - there are so many different things you like about school, Monsterminds. Let me know when you have made your movie - it will be so good to share it with the Jumpstarters!.